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Amyris and Gurjun Essential oils

Posted on 07 November 2017


Gurjun Balsam essential oil


Gurjun balsam is native to western India and South east Asia and the essential oil is made by steam distillation from the resin of the tree. It has a beautiful slightly peppery warm woody scent. Gurjun balsam has been used and works extremely well in perfumery as it ties the different scents together. It is used for both medicinal purposes as well as in perfumery.

Gurjun balsam has been used in the ayurvedic herbal medicine for respiratory problems as well as for treating skin conditions like eczema. The wood itself is used for plywood, carvings, furniture and other wood products. It is one of the more affordable oils so great to use as a fixative in perfumery. 


Amyris essential oil


Gurjun balsam is said to work well for treating skin conditions and problems because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It is considered to be non-toxic and It works well with other wood and resin oils so can be easily added to body oils and products. For this reason it can also be safely used in bath products for warming the muscles and as a treatment for chronic aches like rheumatism. It also works well for respiratory problems being heating.

Gurjun balsam blends well with most other oils, try flower oils for perfumery and spicy oils for treatment products. Find the gurjun balsam essential oil here


Amyris essential oil


Amyris essential oil is also known as “poor man’s sandalwood” as it has a similar scent, but is much more affordable than the genuine and almost extinct sandalwood. The essential oil is made by steam distillation from the bark of the tree and is native to West Indies and South and Central America. Amyris essential oils has a warm woody scent and just like gurjun balsam is widely used in perfumery as it blends well with most other oils. Historically amyris tree has been used for torches due to its high oil content.  

Amyris essential oilAmyris essential oil is warming and works great in skincare products as well as for muscular aches and pains. Add to your facial oil for some anti-ageing properties with frankincense and myrrh, perfect nighttime product! It is considered to be a safe oil to use so is suitable for bath products as well. It is grounding and balancing to the mind and great oil to use in room fragrances or during mediation practice.  It may also be suitable for someone suffering from anxiety or depression.  Due to its warming properties amyris works well in treatment products for chronic aches and muscular pains. Use with other woody oils for sports recovery or massage. Blend with flower oils for perfumery and delicious body products. Find the Amyris essential oil here







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