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Aroma for relaxation

Posted on 27 June 2017


Aromatherapy for relaxation


Most of us in the modern world live busy lives and some of us may have problems switching off and relaxing after a long day at work. Essential oils may work wonders and they are definitely worth a try. Our nose transports the scent to the brain telling it to calm down and it can have a very strong affect. You can use the essential oils in your diffuser which you can leave on over night provided it switches itself off when the water runs out. You can also use candles with essential oils, just make sure they are made from natural materials. Burn them before going to bed when listening to some nice relaxing music or reading a book instead of watching tv.

This will help to calm the mind. you can create a room spray jus by adding water and some essential oils in a spray bottle. Shake before use and spray in the air before going to bed. You can also mix a few drops of essential oils with some vegetable oil for relaxing bath or footpath to wind down after a long day.




There are many essential oils available which you can use for relaxation. Most commonly known for this purpose is of course lavender which is great for this purpose. There are many others available as well and if you would like, you can blend most oils with lavender if this is your favourite. Personally I love using flower oils. Rose, jasmine or neroli all work really well. You can use them on their own or blend in a few other oils. Resin oils especially work well with flower oils, they are also grounding to the mind. Some citrus oils may also work well, try mandarin or bergamot which can also easily be blended with flower oils, avoid using citrus oils in the bath as they may case irritation or sensitisation.

We mustn’t forget one of the most commonly used herbs for relaxation which is chamomile. You can also drink it as a calming tea in the evening. Try couple of drops  of chamomile with bergamot in your diffuser before going to bed. Another well known herb valerian is also available  as an essential oil, but it is very potent and should be used in small quantities, one drop or even half a drop is enough. It blends well with neroli, chamomile and bergamot.

Anuuk Aromatic Opulence blend is perfect for relaxation, you can find the essential oil blend here and the candle here

What are your favourite oils for relaxations? Leave a comment below!


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