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Aromatherapy for anxiety

Posted on 05 December 2017


We live in a very fast paced world and most of us are under constant pressure to succeed and achieve bigger and better things. Some people cope better under pressure and some do not cope at all. Sometimes it may all just feel overwhelming and we may start suffering from anxiety. Anxiety can come in different forms and it may start with minor symptoms like muscular tension or headaches. We don’t always recognise why we are not feeling well and tackle the problem from the beginning and it may lead to severe and even life limiting symptoms. In worst case scenario you may have trouble leaving the house, suffer from panic attacks or suffer from difficulty of breathing when in crowds.  You may end up avoiding “risky” situations  or even stop leaving your home. 


Aromatherapy for anxiety


There is no quick fix. You may need to train your mind to relax and avoid imagining the worst case scenarios of happening. Aromatherapy may help you to deal with daily  struggle. Our sense of smell can have a huge impact on our mood and emotions. Sometimes talking therapies may help, sometimes a relaxing massage may help you to connect with yourself and help you to calm your mind. You can also combine aromatherapy with any massage treatment. 

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It is important to take time to calm down and relax. When we are running around being busy, our mind is always in the next moment and the mental list of things to do can become overwhelming. Try meditation, taking a few moments for yourself to focus on your breath and stop the constant train of thoughts. Use some essential oils in your burner or diffuser or burn some incense to calm and support your practise. Pick a scent that is calming and familiar for you. Some fantastic essential oils to use are woody and resin oils, sage is great for space clearing and some flower oils like rose and jasmine are comforting.  

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Amu Ra essential oil blend is perfect for meditation practice


Essential oils for anxiety


Sometimes taking a moment to do a small ritual can be very helpful. You can do some space clearing in your home with intention of removing negative feelings. Use essential oils in your room spray and some form of sound. Bells or little drums are great, but even clapping your hands will work. Go around the room and focus on the corners of the space. Clap your hands several times in every corner of the house and spray some room fragrance to each corner. The old believes of Feng shui can help you to make your home more calming and safe. Fab essential oils for your cleansing room spray are juniper, sage, basil and woody and resin oils like, sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh.

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Taking a relaxing bath may also help. Spend some quality time with yourself with lovely relaxing music, light a few candles and make some beautiful bath oils. For bath some of the most popular oils are lavender and rose, but something like marjoram, frankincense or jasmine may just do the trick. Use 10ml of vegetable oil and add a few drops of your favourite essential oils to it, mix well and pour in the bath. 

Have you suffered from anxiety? Did you use aromatherapy? Please leave your comments below or drop me an email with your feedback or suggestions


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