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Aromatherapy for colds and flu

Posted on 16 January 2018


I always feel the weather changes can make you catch a cold, even though apparently it is not scientifically true. Temperature changes and rain, damp weather feels cold to the bones and you feel like you just can’t get warm. There are different type of cold symptoms, sometimes you get a runny nose and sneezing, other times a sore throat and cough or headache and pressure on your eyes. Symptoms vary and sometimes your body just can’t fight off the virus, especially if you are tiered or feeling low. There are many viruses “flying” around and you can catch it from another person or from a surface containing the virus. Children especially are prone to getting colds if they are in close contact with other children playing in a group. The virus can live on a surface, so it is important to remember to wash your hands often. It is one of the simplest ways to avoid catching a cold.  


Aromatherapy for cold and flu



Some people appear to have a stronger immune system and hardly ever catch a cold, while others seem to catch it very easily. Being generally healthy and active and making sure you get all vitamins and nutrient in your diet will help your body to fight off the germs. Getting enough rest and sleep also helps to keep your body stronger. Thera are some studies suggesting that out childhood years have an affect on our bodies resistance. My personal opinion is that we are so paranoid of getting colds and other illnesses that we use too many antibacterial products. The body needs to be exposed to some bacterias and viruses to build a strong resistance. It is normal to get ill sometimes even though it seems that it is almost unacceptable. 

If and when you do catch a cold there are some natural remedies you can try to ease off the symptoms. Remember the symptoms are there for a reason and are part of the healing process. You should always listen to your body and use remedies that you feel works for you. Aromatherapy can also be a great help. Here are my top tips that I find work for me, so see if they may work for you too. 

Firstly make yourself comfortable, be sure you are warm enough and drink plenty of fluid. My favourite drink is a blend of ginger, lemon and my own tincture blend which contains elderberry, ginger, echinacea, sage and elderflower. I drink these throughout the day to keep my body warm. Warming soups are also great and easy to make. 


Resting and relaxing


Secondly make sure you will rest. It is so easy to start doing something like cleaning when you are at home and feel bored. It is still important to make sure you will let your body to rest and recharge. Watch some movies or read books. 

Thirdly use some aromatherapy. There are some great essential oils to ease your breathing or help you to relax. All essential oils are antibacterial and many are antiviral as well. Some are fabulous for warming bath or salve to help the body. You can use them in your essential oil burner or diffuser for gentle room fragrance. You can also make some balms which you can the rub on your chest or which ever body part you feel needs it. Bath with warming essential oils will also help your body to get warm and is super relaxing as well.


Essential oils for cold and flu


Some of my top essential oils for treating a clod are ravensara, thyme, eucalyptus and tea tree. These are all antiviral and antibacterial oils. I also love the freshness of them and feel they work especially well in a chest rub to help me with stuffy nose. These I feel are cooling and calming. Read how to make your own treatment balms.

Other oils that can work well as heating in balms and bath products are ginger, juniper berry, chilli (only a few drops in balm) and woody and resin oils such as myrrh, amyris, gurjun balsam and some spice oils like black pepper and cumin. In the bath oils small amounts go a long way and you want to have a subtle approach for the healing process. Read how to make bath products.

Lastly remember to give your body the time it needs to heal. Don’t rush back to work as you may get the cold back or worse catch anther virus. We live in a busy world where there is constant pressure to get well fast. It is still important to remember that it is normal to catch a cold sometimes and we all do, so take tour time to get well properly.

Hope you enjoyed my tips. What are your favourite remedies? Leave your comments below




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