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Aromatherapy for digestive system

Posted on 19 December 2017


The time of the year is approaching us when we will sit, rest, eat and move very little. Sometimes the free flow of food may result in to overeating and uncomfortable feeling. Many of us forget to drink water as there is usually many other drinks available such as wine, soft drinks and coffee which may result us being dehydrated and feeling even more uncomfortable. Usually our celebration dinners may last for hours in a good company, chatting and catching up with family or friends and we end up eating much more than we would usually, almost by mistake. Most of the time this continues several days as we munch on with the left overs and Christmas chocolate, pastries and other things which are not usually part of our diet. 


Aromatherapy for digestive system


Due to overeating our body produces excess amount of insulin increasing the sugar levels in the body which makes us feel drowsy after a spike of energy. The digestive system is struggling to deal with all the foods suddenly hitting the stomach. Drinking plenty of water will help to avoid the overindulgence and helps the tummy to cope with large amount of food.  Remember to drink a glass or two at the beginning of each course to keep you well hydrated. You can try drinking peppermint or fennel tea afterwards to aid the tummy. These are both digestive aids. You can also try the classic ginger root and lemon tea. If possible try going for a slow walk. The crispy air will also help you to feel better.


Digestive aid aromatherapy


There are some essential oils that may help your recover from heavy Christmas lunch or dinner. You can try gentle tummy massage with some vegetable oil and essential oils.  Add a few drops to a base oil and always massage your stomach area in clockwise direction to aid digestion.

Be gentle and see how your tummy feels. This will also help to move the excess gas in the gut. 


Suggested essential oils:

Just as the the tea, fennel and peppermint oils are great for digestive aid massage. They also work well for excess fluid build up which may happen if you are dehydrated and not moving. Ginger and juniper are both warming and also work well. 



Fennel essential oil has a herbal and fresh scent and is expressed from fennel seeds. It's fresh energising and uplifting and has antispasmodic, diuretic and stimulating properties. Fennel can help to remove excess fluid, so works well for digestive problems. This oil is best avoided during pregnancy. It blends well with rosemary, anis seed, lavender, marjoram and other herb and seed oils. 


Peppermint essential oil has a fresh and familiar scent which most people like. It is made from the herb and has great cooling and calming properties. It is widely used in many products and works also as an insect repellent. I have used it successfully myself for ants. It is a stimulating, fresh oil and can also be used for sports massage. It has also been used for nausea and light headedness.   


Ginger essential oil



Ginger essential oil is popular and used for its heating and warming properties. The root is also a popular spice in cooking and drinking as tea. The essential oil is great for tummy especially if you suffer from diarrhoea. It has great anti-inflammatory properties and is fab for muscular pains and chronic aches and pains like rheumatism or arthritis. It has even been claimed it can protect you against malaria


Juniper essential oils are made from the needles or berries of the juniper tree. The berry oil has a low note, almost like a grass or root type. The needle oil has a fresh tree scent. Both work well as a stimulating oil for muscular aches and pains, but especially the berry essential oil is great for fluid retention and removal of excess gas in the digestive system. It is also often used in cellulite treatment oils. 


What are your top oils to use during overindulgent times? Please leave your comments below


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