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Aromatic bath products

Posted on 10 January 2018


Do you love taking baths? Do you make your own bath products? You can create some wonderful aromatherapy bath products easily with some essential oils and basic products. Most of the key ingredients you can find in your kitchen cupboard. Essential oils can have some great healing benefits both psychological and physiological. They are great for tired and stressed body and are fantastic for relaxation after a long day.  Bathing is a perfect way to switch off and spend some quiet time by yourself. Turn down the lights, put on some calming tunes and lie down in the warm water. 


Aromatic bath products


One easy way to create your own bath products is to use some vegetable oil like sunflower or -olive oil which most of us always have in our cupboard and add some essential oils to it. For bath you don’r need large quantities and little goes a long way. I would avoid citrus and spice oils as they can be irritating to the skin. Our skin heats up and pores open in the hot water so any reaction may be stronger than usual. If you do use them, be aware and use in small quantities. 

Herbal oils like lavender or coriander work well as well as wood and needle oils like fir needle, are fab for tires body and resin oils like frankincense may help you for grounding. Most of us love the flower oils and you can create a simple blend with combining the with other oils. Use 15-20ml of base oil and 10-20 drops of essential oils. Add your blend in your bath water while filling up and make sure it will be thoroughly blended in the water. 

If you feel tired, you may want to add some salts to your blend. The best ones are Himalayan salt and epsom salt, but sea salt can also be helpful. Salts are packed with minerals which are great for recovery from a long busy day. Add a tablespoon or two to your oil blend and mix well. You can also prepare your salts in a container ready for use beforehand. Make sure you keep it in an airtight container away from the sunlight. These also make great gifts if you use a lovely glass pot and add some ribbon to it.


Aromatic bath products


You can also add some dry flower petals to your blend. They give a lovely soft scent and are small enough to be flushed down at the end. To get the most out of them let them soak in the oil for a few days to let the scent infuse to the oil. Try a tablespoon of rose petals or lavender pods.

If you are feeling creative, you can make fab gifts with the oils and salts to give to friends or family. You can make some great finds in charity shops or small corner shops for some glass containers to make them look pretty and special. You can also make bath bombs which are lovely gifts if you have the time and would like to do a bit of crafting. You can add all the materials mentioned previously to the bath bombs as well. There are many simple recipes available online to get you started. 


Hope you enjoyed these ideas. Leave your comments below on what are your favourite bath products. I would love to hear from you!


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