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Aromatic colour therapy

Posted on 29 May 2018


Do you wear colours? Do you use colours in your home? Do you buy colourful products? Do you eat colourful foods? Colours can have a strong impact on how we feel about ourselves, they can improve the mood and change the feel of the room. There are many shades of different colours and we all seem to have our own opinions on which look good together and which look good when worn. Black and white remain popular, especially in fashion and are the two extremes, one absorbs all the light (black) and the other reflects all the light (white). In a way you could say black is all the colours and white is no colours. 


Colours are everywhere and a big part of our lives, whether we realise it or not. The chakra system recognises different colours which represent different energy points in the body. You can read more about chakras on my previous post Chakra Balance - Root Chakra. All over the nature there are different colours, flowers, plants, grass. The food can add colour energy to our body. Choose fruits and vegetables to boost the energy you feel is lacking. Aromatherapy is also a great way to add some colour to your life. Our sense of smell is strong and we can visualise colours with different smells. 

Aromatherapy in colours

Have you ever thought about how different colours make you feel? When you wear them and when you use them in your home? In this post I will take a closer look at few colours and what they usually are associated with and how you can add some of these colours into your life. 


Green is absolutely my favourite colour. It represents life, forests, nature, grass, summer, life energy and growth. When you spend time in the nature you will feel healthier and stronger. This connection is important and lacking for modern human living in cities. In the chakra system green colour represents the heart. Green colour has been widely used in the history and has many meanings, it has also been associated with greed and envy and the saying “green with envy” is a great example of this. If you feel ungrounded and confused, you may need colour green in your life.

Essential oils that “are” green or “feel” green are the tree needle oils like pine, spruce and fir needle as well as some of the herbal oils like basil, coriander or thyme. The grass essential oils like vetiver are also grounding and create a connection to the nature. 

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Aromatherapy in yellow


Yellow colour represents sunshine, energy, crispiness, uplifting, happiness. It is the sun colour that is vibrant and strong. It’s great for energising the space, especially during the grey winter months. We all crave that uplifting warmth and positivity. In the chakra system yellow represent the solar plexus energy point. Historically yellow has been the colour of the kings and emperors. If you are feeling tired and down you may need colour yellow in your life.

Nothing says more yellow than the scent of lemon or grapefruit. Use citrus essential oils to uplift your spirits and space. 

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Aromatherapy in red


Red colour is strong, intense and powerful and associated with love, passion, strength, heart and blood. Nothing says confidence and power that wearing red clothing. Giving red roses to a loved one is a sign of passion and in Chinese culture red represents good luck. In the chakra system colour red represents the root chakra which is our source and life energy. If you feel bored and lack of enthusiasm you may need colour red in your life.

Nothing says passion as rose scent. Most of the flowers are associated with red as a scent even though they may not be red, like for example jasmine. Use flower essential oils  such as ylang ylang, jasmine, geranium and rose to add colour red in your life.

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Aromatherapy in blue


Colour blue is often associated with calmness, sky, water, oceans, heaven and wisdom. Imagine how it makes you feel when you lie down and look at the sky. Blue colour is calming and relaxing and works well as a bedroom colour. It is also accosted with trustworthy and intelligence, so could be a perfect colour to wear for example to a job interview.  In the chakra system blue colour is associated with throat energy point. If you feel insecure, unconfident or doubtful, you may need colour blue in your life. 

Essential oils which are cool and fresh feel like the blue colour. Try eucalyptus, sweet birch, tea tree or rosemary to add colour blue in your life

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Purple colour is made by combining blue and red. It is magical, mysterious, royal and even religious. It can be powerful and calming and in the chakra system it represents the crown energy point. One of the most popular purple colour sources is amethyst stone which is widely used for protection and against negativity. If you are feeling restless or insecure you may need colour purple in your life.

Essential oil lavender is the perfect representation of purple colour and it remains one of the most popular oils. It’s calming and grounding. You can also try marjoram sweet, fennel or anis for fresher scent. 

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How you can add colours to your life?

You can add colour to your life in many ways, you can choose colourful clothes, most of us tend to opt for black as it’d easy, but a colourful top or scarf may change your mood. You can add colour to your home, use cushions, curtains, plant pots or art work to add a dash of different colours. Try buying colourful mugs or bowls to add some colour to your kitchen. You can use essential oils to create a different energy and mood, try diffuser or burner or create your own room spray. You Cana slo buy colourful flowers to brighten up your day. 


Aromatic colour therapy


You can also add colour to your diet by choosing colourful foods, fruits and vegetables. Try bananas, citrus fruits or peppers for yellow, tomatoes for red, blueberries for blue etc, Wearing crystals and colourful stones is also a great way to add colour to your life. They also carry earth energy and are believed to have healing properties.  

Hope you enjoyed my post. What are your favourite colours? Please leave your comments below, I would love to hear from you


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