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Aromatic gifts for summer celebrations

Posted on 19 June 2018


Summer is the peak time for parties and celebrations. The weather is warm and lovely so it feels the right time to throw a party. There’s many weddings and birthdays happening, there’s hen-dos and stag parties and children’s celebrations. It seems to be the time when we also end up spending lot of money for gifts and travelling from one location to the next. 

Creating your own gifts is a nice way to give something unique as well as keep within the budget. With little creativity you can create wonderful gifts which reflect the person or persons at the receiving end. Are they a kitchen type? Create spice selections or infused oils or try creating your own tea from herbs. You can also use dry fruits and nuts to create add on items to your gift box.  Are they a bathroom person who loves taking baths or foot soaks after a long day? Maybe you can create some bath salts or foot soaks for them. Even soap making is easy nowadays as you can buy ready made base and use a mould to create your desired shape. Use dry flowers to decorate and wrap in a lovely gift box for the final touch. Packing is an important part and you can make a huge difference with some ribbon and other final touches. 


Aromatic gift box


Check out your nearest small corner shops. They usually have a surprisingly good selection of containers and you can buy singular units. They also sell lovely napkins and other little things you can add to your gift box. In this post I will give you a few ideas on how you can create you own personalised gifts for the special touch.


For the kitchen person

Infused oils

Infuse oils are really easy to make and they look lovely. Usually buying them is expensive so they are always valued. Choose a simple, beautiful bottle or two small ones if you would like to make two flavours. Chilli and garlic are the best known, but you can create herbal or spicy ones as well. Good quality olive oil is the key for best flavour. Add the dry ingredients in the bottle, Slice the chillis and cut the garlic cloves, crush peppers and herbs, but leave some intact to give a lovely look. After you filled the bottle with your chosen materials simply pour the olive oil in the bottle and make sure it covers all the spices. This oil is best prepared a few weeks before to make sure the oil has time to infuse the flavours. Add a handmade note with some ribbon or print a simple label for the bottles. Check out this article for some inspiration


Aromatic kitchen gifts


Tea selection

If the person is a tea lover you can create little glass containers with different herbs or you can make your own blend in a bigger jar. Choose some colourful herbs or flowers. If you are unsure which one to choose, there are plenty of information and recipes online. Buy a simple, but beautiful glass container which is airtight to keep in the flavours in. Check out these delicious recipes to get inspired.


Spice selection

Creating a spice selection for an aspiring cook is a simple, but a lovely idea. Simply buy some small glass jars and good quality herbs and spices. I would recommend checking Asian for shops as you can usually buy per weight so it’s more affordable. Place the spices in the jars and wrap in a basket or or box for final touch.


For the bathroom person

Bath salts

Bath salts are super easy to make and always look lovely. Pick a lovely container and you’re half way there. I would recommend an airtight lid to keep the fragrance. Use epsom salts or Himalayan salts. They are rich in minerals and good for tired body. Add some dry herbs like lavender or rose and the basic bath salts are ready. If you would like to add some more fragrances, use sunflower or other light oil, add a few drops of your chosen essential oils and mix in with the salts and the herbs. Bath salts are always a welcomed gift.  


Bathroom aromas



Soaps are easy to make from melt and pour soap base. As the name suggests, you simply melt the base in low temperate using double boiler, add your ingredients, oils, herbs, essential oils, colours, salts whatever you feel inspired with and pour the melted mix into a soap mould. I find the silicone moulds are he easiest to use as you can easily remove the soaps after the mixture has harden. This will usually take a few hours. The soaps can be made the day before so makes a great last minute panic gift. Looks pretty and no-one would know.



If you are feeling confident with essential oils you can create your own candles. Choose pretty glass candle containers and use soy wax and buy wicks which are the correct size for your containers. Soy wax is fairly easy to use and has a low melting point. It can also be easily removed from fabrics if you happen to drop some on the floor or clothing. Melt the was in a double boiler and add your chosen fragrance. Follow the fragrance manufacture advice on quantities needed. I would use maximum 10% of fragrance. Pour the wax slowly in to the container where you have attached the wick ready. Let the candle cool completely before touching and at least a few days before burning. Create your own labels or print simple text to a ready made label. 


Handmade aromatic candles


Create a gift box 

Create a gift box a hamper with your handmade products. They are well respected and unique to the receiver. Handmade gift are very special as you have spend time creating them instead of buying something from the shop shelf. They will be remembered and appreciated for a long time afterwards.


Hope you enjoyed my ideas. What are your favourite handmade gifts to make? Please eave your comments below and don’t forget to share if you find it useful. 

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  • Narendra: October 24, 2018

    It is a lovely idea and Aroma Therapy works beautifully. Your Blogs are interesting to read. Enjoy beautiful Autumn 🍂 Thank you.

  • Zara: October 10, 2018

    Loved this blog so much. Such great ideas to make someone you love feel so special.
    Thank you for the lovely ideas and beautiful pictures.

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