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Birch tree essential oils

Posted on 14 March 2017


Birch tree essential oils 

Did you know birch contains menthyl salicylate, which is the active ingredient in aspirin (salicylate)? 

Birch (lat. betula alba, lenta, pendula) is widely used tree all over the world, but mainly grows in northern parts of the world (Scandianvia, USA, Russia, Eastern Europe) Birch essential oil is made from the bark of a birch tree. The oil has a camphor type of almost herbal scent which blends well with other tree and herbal oils. It is well known for its anti-spasmodic properties and is a great oil for sports people. 


Birch sweet essential oil


Birch oil is a natural painkiller aspirin and the main components are salicylic acid and menthyl salicylate. As mentioned before it is a fantastic oil for recovery from sports. It's great for detoxing, the body by masage speeding the recovery time after  performance. It's antispasmodic and great oil for rheumatism and arthritis as well as one of the best in treating cellulite. As a natural painkiller it can be applied to a specific area of the body in a body oil or body balm. The essential oil is best avoided during pregnancy and can be toxic if used in large quantities. 

In Finland birch tree is most commonly used in tar form. Tar has a thick consistency and colour can be very dark brown, almost black. It’s great for the skin and hair and widely used in body and hair care products. It has a very strong smoky scent and I would recommend using in small quantities (one drop or half a drop is enough) as it easily takes over the blend and can be toxic when used in larger quantities. It can also be too strong scent for some people causing them to feel unwell. Avoid always during pregnancy and if sensitive to aspirin. 


Birch sweet essential oil


This is definitely one of my favourite oils as it reminds me of home and it has been the inspiration to my Finlandia candles range. The classic Finlandia candle is made with betula lenta tree tar and has a sharp, intense smoky scent. Finlandia special edition is made with betula pendula tree tar and has more soft smoky scent. For me this is the true fragrance of tar. It has grounding affect to the body and mind.


Find the birch sweet essential oil here 

Read an interesting study about Birch (Betula pendula) and its effect on humans and cancer cells


Have you used birch oil? I would love to hear your thoughts, Please leave your comments below


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