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Chakra balance -sacral chakra-

Posted on 22 May 2018


The chakra system is an energy field surrounding us which contains seven chakras, each representing specific body area. Sacral chakra is located just below the belly button and represents our sensuality, emotions and creativity. The colour of the sacral chakra is orange and name Swadhisthana in Sanskrit. If you are feeling over emotional or unemotional and have problems with your relationships or suffer from lack of sexual desires or portray excessive behaviour emotionally, it may be because of some disturbance on your sacral chakra.  


Sacral chakra balance


Awareness of your body, feeling and emotions will help you to asses what you need for balancing your chakra system. Take a moment to meditate or pause your life and listen, what is your body telling you? How do you feel about yourself? Do you feel beautiful, attractive, fully alive and awake in this moment? Do you feel you need to balance some areas in your life? Choose the options that work best for your lifestyle. For a busy person carrying a stone with you can be the easiest option. Make sure you eat healthy and drink enough water to hydrate. You can add some orange foods in your diet, like orange fruit for energy and uplift.  



Sound healing is a greta way to balance your chakra system. I love the Solfeggio music using different hertz frequency for different chakras or support for challenging moments in life. Frequency 288 Hz is corresponding to sacral chakra. If you feel the sounds work the best for you, use them during your yoga or other practice in the background or just take a moment to calm with the music. I found this video which I find is beautiful, check it out if you enjoy sound healing

 See the full chart for chakra tones


Sacral chakra balance



You can use affirmations to balance your sacral chakra energy. They work well with meditative practice, yoga or other slow movement. You can use them silently in your head or out loud in a private space. Sentences like I feel loved or or I feel creative would work well, but you can also come up with your own affirmations depending on what you feel is lacking in your life. See some suggestions



Essential oils

Feminine essential oils work particularly well for sacral chakra balancing. Try bergamot, cardamon, clary sage, neroli, orange, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang or jasmine to make your own blend or use as an individual oil. You can use it as a perfume, or drop the essential oil on your aromatherapy jewellery. If you are getting massages, ask your therapist to add a few drops of essential oils in your massage oil. You can also use the essential oils in your room fragrance to create a space of balance. This works particularly well during your meditation or affirmation practice.  


Crystals for chakra balancing


There are many crystals or semiprecious stones you can wear or carry with you to support your chakra balance. For sacral chakra you want to pick a stone that has orange or yellow tones. Stones like carnelian, citrine, orange calcite, milky quartz, moonstone, selenite, turquoise, bluegreen fluorite would work well. You can just carry a tumble stone in your pocket or bag or you can use a pendant or bracelet to keep to on your body.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Do you practice chakra balance? What are your go to tools? Please leave your comments below and remember to share if you found this information useful.


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