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Citrus essential oils

Posted on 23 January 2018


Citrus essential oils are fantastic for almost any essential oil blend. They also work really nicely on their own for uplifting scent. There are many types available and they are usually reasonable priced as they are widely grown all around the world.  Citrus essential oils are usually made by cold compression from the peel of the fruit, but sometimes steam distillation is also used. They are great add to your essential oil collection as they are easy to blend with most other oils. 

Citrus essential oils

The scents of citrus oils reflect the scent of the fruits themselves, fresh and crispy. Perfect for a gloomy grey day. Citrus fruits are widely used around the world as a health food and in cooking. The essential oils are commonly used in house cleaning products as well as in air freshener products. It is good to note that some citrus oils may be phytotoxic and may cause pigmentation if used before going out to the sun. They are also quite strong and may cause an allergic reaction if used directly on the skin. Take care when using in bath products and always dilute. Read more about safe use of essential oils



Orange essential oil has a sweet fruity scent and works well in many blends. It is uplifting, happy oil like the orange fruit itself and commonly used in soaps and cleaning products. It is said to be a fab oil for women and can work well as an aphrodisiac and hormonal balancer. It is antiviral and antifungal so perfect for use when treating viral infections in the body or as an immune boosting oil. It is a stimulating oil and is used widely to treat cellulite and fluid retention. It is a perfect uplifting oil for winter and cold grey days. Like a piece of sunshine in a bottle. Try blending with other citrus oils or spice oils  


Orange essential oil


Bergamot essential oil has a soft lower tone scent and is well known for its use for relaxation and depression. Just like other citrus oils it works well in a blend with most other oils and is popular also to use on its own. It is also stimulating so great for anyone suffering from poor circulation. Bergamot essential oil is also used for headaches and muscular aches and pains. Try blending with neroli or other flower oils or spice oils. It also blends well with resin oils such as frankincense.   



Lime is one of my favourite citrus essential oils. It has a crispy and tangy scent and brings a twist to many blends. It is very invigorating and uplifting and the fruit ads a lovely flavour to salads and other foods. Lime is also commonly used in cleaning products due to its great antiviral properties. Lime essential oil can also be used for mouth heath in mouth sprays and as insect repellant in a room fragrance or diffuser. Just like other citrus oils it is uplifting and stimulating, but should be used with caution and always diluted.  


Lime essential oil


Grapefruit essential oil is one of the most popular citrus oils. It has a light crispy scent and works well in many blends. It is said to work for sweet drawings and as a support for weight loss. Just like another citrus oils it is volatile and should be used with caution. It is definitely one of my top citrus oils to use and not to be missed in anti cellulite treatment products. Try bending with flower or spice oils. 



Mandarin essential oil has a low note citrus scent and is one of the safest citrus oils to use. It is well known to be gentle and relaxing, good for digestive system and sedative. It is also gentle enough to be used during pregnancy.  Just like other citrus oils it has great antiviral properties. Mandarin essential oil can be helpful with  poor circulation and is detoxifying. Just like bergamot is known to work for depression and nervous tension. It is another great oil to add to your anti cellulite treatment products. Try blending with other citrus oils or spice, grass or resin oils.  


Which citrus oil is your favourite? Please leave your comments below


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