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Essential oils for memory and learning

Posted on 06 February 2018


Essential oils can be a great help when looking for something to support learning and memory. Crispy and fresh scents can help us to stay more energised and alert when reading or focusing on something. Rosemary essential oils is probably the best known as a study support. You can have your essential oils in a burner or diffuser in a study room or you can create blends with vegetable oils to massage on your pulse points, temples or wrists. Simply place some vegetable oil in a roll on bottle and add max of 3% of your favourite essential oils. You can then use the same scent in your exam or presentation to prompt your memory.  


Aromatherapy for learning


As I mentioned before rosemary is the best known, but there are others as well for you to try. Fresh scents would work the best, some of my favourites are needle oils like pine, cypress and fir needle, but it’s best to try and see what best works for you. Here are more details about a few essential oils that are my top oils to use when I need to focus:


Rosemary and coriander

Rosemary and coriander essential oils work well together giving you a fresh room fragrance. Both are made from the herbs which are known for their use in cooking  worldwide and are easy to grow at home. Both of these oils are also beneficial for sporty people and people with active lifestyles. Both are stimulating and have anti spasmodic properties so good to use for sport massage or in a treatment oil blend in recovery. They can also be used for digestive problems in a gentle massage (clockwise) on the tummy area. Both herbal oils are fresh and fabulous also for odour elimination in a space, so excellent for room fragrances. You can blend them together or with other herbal oils.  

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Rosemary essential oil

Pine and fir needle

I especially love the needle essential oils. They remind me of a free forest after a rain and give me a connection to the nature. I feel them grounding and uplifting at the same time. Both pine and fir needle oils are made from the needles of the tree and have the same scent as the trees themselves. Both of these fabulous oils are perfect for room fragrance and can be blended with other tree or bark essential oils. They are fresh and work well for respiratory problems, add a few drops of eucalyptus for lifting the scent. Just like rosemary and coriander needle oils can help with sports recovery and can be used for injury treatments. 

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Sage as a herb is well know for space clearing and often used to burn in the house. The essential oil is made form the herb itself and has the same familiar herbal scent. Sage essential oil is widely used in cosmetics and works well with other essential oils. It is a great antiviral/ anti fungal essential oil so can also be used in many treatment products for infections. Sage is a stimulating essential oil so perfect as a study support and a memory boost, but it has many other great benefits. This is defiantly one of the essential oils that you should always have in your case.

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Essential oils for memory


Peppermint essential oils is as fresh as the herb itself. It is uplifting and happy and works well for odour elimination. It is another great stimulating herbal oil, perfect for room fragrance and memory boost. It can also work for respiratory problems and energy boost. I have used peppermint essential oil successfully for ants. Simply drop along their walk way and it should help them to disappear. Peppermint is also known for its use in dental care products as well as cleaning products for home. Add a few drops to your cold and flu products for added freshness. 

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Citrus oils

Citrus oils like grapefruit, lemon and lime are fresh and crispy, happy and energising essential oils. You can create a lovely uplifting scent in the room when you are studying and enhance your focus and alertness. 

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Hope you enjoyed these tips. Which are your favourites for memory boost? Please leave your comments below



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