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essential oils for female goddess

Posted on 13 March 2018


In celebration of Goddess of Fertility I thought it would be lovely to write about feminine essential oils. Goddess of fertility has many names depending of the history of a specific area of the world. Best known Gods and Goddesses are probably the Indian, Egyptian, Greek and Romans, but there are many less known Gods and Goddesses that have been worshiped around the world. 

Goddess of fertility represents female fertility, pregnancy and birth. We have all heard of Aphrodite the Greek Goddess as well as Lord Shiva the Indian God of fertility and love. Roman Venus is also well known for most and these names are often linked to sexuality and love.  


Goddess essential oils


The sex of a character representing nurturing and caring is historically often seen as female and sayings like “Mother Earth” or “Mother nature” are still commonly used in every day language. In modern world the male and female traditional roles have changed and sometimes it is easy to forget that we are sensual beings and we need a moment to connect with our feminine side. The essential oils can be very helpful and can be used in many ways.


Here are some of my favourites:


Ylang ylang 

Ylang ylang is definitely one of my favourite flower essential oils.  The scent is powerful, flowery and light at the same time. Used in large amounts it can feel hypnotic and cause dizziness. The essential oil itself is made from flowers of the ylang ylang (cananga odorata) tree which grows in Asia; Indonesia, Philippines, Madagascar and Sumatra. There are several grades of the essential oil on the market. The quality depends on which stage the oil is extracted in the distillation process, the first batch is considered to be the most potent and highest quality. 

When choosing your oil you want to consider what it is that you are using it for. If it is skincare or high end perfumery, choose a higher grade, if you are just practising blending or planning to use it for candles etc you can opt in for lower grade. Personally, I have tried low and high grades and they all still have that recognisable beautiful scent of the flower, maybe just less potent in lower grades.    

As ylang ylang is a higher note flower oil, it is great for uplifting the mood and is considered to be an aphrodisiac and a sensual oil. It blends well with most flower oils and also with many other oils. You can use it as a top note on your flower blends. Ylang ylang also works well in skincare products, add it to your facial or body oil for feminine touch. 


Feminine essential oils


Jasmine is a beautiful flower with intense, deep and long lasting scent. The essential oil can be extracted form several types of jasmine flowers and remains highly priced and valued. The flowers bloom late in the evening leaving a beautiful scent in the air. The flowers have been widely used in Asia where it naturally occurs. Jasmine essential oil is most commonly sold as an absolute, which is made with a solvent (usually alcohol). The essential oil is potent and you only need small quantities to create a beautiful scent for your products. 

Just as most flower oils jasmine works well for stress and anxiety and it is also calming to the mind so perfect for evening blends or bath oils. It is sensual and considered to be an aphrodisiac so works well for connecting with your feminine side. Try adding jasmine with ylang ylang for skincare products or use it as a night time room fragrance.     


Rose geranium

Rose geranium essential oil is made form the Pelargonium graveolens (var. Roseum) plant. Unlike the more commonly known geranium it has a more rosy and flowery scent. Nowadays the plant is widely grown around the world, but is mostly known for its medicinal use in Egyptian history. Rose geranium is affordable essential oil and works well with other flower essential oils. 

Just as the flower oils rose geranium works well for calming the mind, relaxing and reduceing anxiety. It also is another great add to your skincare products. It is quite potent and small amount goes a long way. Try adding to your shower gel or room fragrance for a feminine touch. 

Read more technical information about the rose geranium essential oil


Hope you enjoyed my article. Remember to share with others!



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