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Fragrant ambiance

Posted on 30 January 2018


When you first walk in to a new space, do you pay attention to the smells? Some spaces have a distinctive smell, maybe it’s fresh paint, maybe it’s food cooking, maybe even mould. These smells can give us a feeling of the room. Do we feel comfortable and safe? Does it smell good? Does it remind us about something? Our noses give us subtle and unconscious messages which determents how we feel about the space. We can alter the feeing  of the room by changing the scent. We can create a specific ambiance by choosing the scent accordingly on what kind of mood we want to support. 

Some smells can make us feel hungry, some may make us energised or uplifted, some relaxed or romantic. It is worth remembering that we all smell differently and how the scent effects us may depend on our past experiences. Some smells may trigger emotional responses as the memories of something or someone special come to mind. In this article I will give you some general ideas on which essential oils could work for specific ambience of the room.


Aromatherapy for work

Scents for work

Some essential oils can work well in a workplace. They can help us to feel energised and focused on our tasks. Uplifting fresh and crispy scents work well in a place where we need to work and can create a positive, happy space.. In an office space diffusers (atomiser) or reed diffusers work well. They give out continues soft scent and are stress free to use. Rosemary essential oil is well known for memory boost and support when learning or studying. You could blend it with other herbal oils that are fresh such as coriander, thyme or lavender. These oils work well together creating a space that is calming to the stress and hurry, but supports the focus needed. If you want to create a more energising feel you could try citrus oils. They are especially great during dark, grey winter months as they remind us of the sunshine. Try blending orange, grapefruit and Mandarin for uplifting the mood. 


Aromatherapy for events

Scents for events 

Depending on what type of an event you are organising, several essential oils could work. Are you creating different spaces within the event or one large space where it takes place? How many people are coming? What is the reason for the event? You would want to think a scent that goes with the theme of your event and choose essential oils that most people like. These could be woody and tree needle essential oils. Try pine, fir or cypress essential oils. You can lift the scent with some eucalyptus or ravensara keeping it fresh. You can also try resin or wood oils like frankincense, myrrh or sandalwood. Spice or flower oils mixed in could give an interesting twist, perhaps  try ylang ylang with some needle oils. These are all natural, grounding scents which most people like. Diffusers (atomisers) work well in events.


Aromatherapy for romance

Scents for romance

You can create a calming, loving ambiance in the room with well selected essential oils. You can use scented candles for extra romantic feeling or essential oil burners for soft warm glow. Flower oils are known to be aphrodisiacs, but spice oils could also work well in the blend. Try jasmine, rose or ylang ylnag with some black pepper or cardamon for warmth. You can also try neroli with a hint of citrus oils like grapefruit or bergamot. Try a drop or neroli as a natural perfume for personal touch. Read more ideas on aromatherapy for romance


Aromatherapy for yoga

Scents for calming, meditation or yoga

Aromatherapy works really well for calming the mind. It can create a relaxing atmosphere and support your meditation or yoga practice or to help you to wind down after a busy day. You can also use essential oils in a diffuser to help you to fall a sleep. Some well known grounding essential oils are resin oils like frankincense or myrrh. They can be blended with many other oils to create a personalised scent. Wood and needle oils also work well. Try spikenard, cedarwood or rosewood. Flower oils can also work well in the blend. Try one drop of rose otto in your blend with some resin oils. Lavender is everyones favourite for relaxation so you can try it if it’s yours. Read about aromatherapy for relaxation


Remember to experiment to see which essential oils work best for you and your guests. We all have our own favourites and some oils we just don’t like. Try different essential oils and see if any of your guests mention anything. Usually people will comment if they like the scent in the house.

Which essential oils are your favourites to use in your home? Leave your comments below


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