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Fragrant plants

Posted on 10 April 2018


It’s a plant appreciation day, so I thought it would be a good idea to talk about plants that can create a lovely scent for your garden or home. Planting and growing plants, flowers and herbs can be rewarding, energising and uplifting and its also very creative. With some planning you can create a small outdoor garden where there are flowers blooming all throughout the spring and summer months. This will give you joy every day brightening the landscape as a well as creating a lovely scent in the air.  Thera are plenty of plants and flowers to choose from, some of the popular ones for the garden are roses, jasmine, lilac, iris and lily. 


Fragrant outdoor garden


This is definitely one of the things I am missing from Finland where it is very popular to have your own little vegetable or flower garden. It is very therapeutic to grow things and nowadays even in the cities there are options to rent a little plot in a communal garden which you can then use to grow anything you wish. It is also good for you to spend some time outdoors and get your hands dirty to connect to the nature. Choose plants that suit your lifestyle so you will have enough time to look after them. Check out Top fragrant out door plants by Country Living to get started and to get some ideas.

If you don’t have access to an outside space, you can create a little indoor garden or window sill  or on a table space near the window. You can use plants, flowers or herbs to create your own little inspirational spot. Growing especially herbs is quite easy just as long as you have enough sunlight during the day. It is also great to always be able to use fresh herbs in the kitchen. Try some basil, oregano or coriander for cooking and mint for your tea or even lavender or eucalyptus for your tea or aromatherapy use. If you have more space you can also grow small trees from the seeds of the fruits like for example lemon or chilli tree. Read how to create a small herb garden for home by Balcony Garden web


Fragrant herb garden  


If you are not in to herbs, you can grow some flowers like roses, geranium, gardenia or hyacinth. These bring lovely colours to your day as a well as beautiful scents you can sniff first thing in the morning. Make sure you choose the plants that are suitable for your lighting in the space and how much time you have to look after them. Some need a little bit more work than others. Check out the Top fragrant indoor plants by Better Homes and Gardens to get some ideas.


Indoor garden


Remember that there are some plants and flowers which are poisonous to cats and dogs and should be avoided if there are pets in the house. This include some of the most popular flowers like lilies, chrysanthemum, hyacinth and tulips. Animals are curious creatures and especially cats tend to jump on the table and get close to the plants. Check a list for poisonous plants for cats  by International cat care


Hope you feel inspired by this post. What are your favourite plants to grow? Please leave your comments below




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