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Frangipani essential oil

Posted on 21 March 2017


Frangipani (plumeria) 


Frangipani is said to be the “Tree Of Life” and is also known for its latin name Plumeria. This beautiful oil is widely used in perfume and fragrance industry, but mainly in synthetic form. You can find it in home aroma products, soaps and perfumes. 


Frangipani essential oil


It’s exotic, summery, floral and quite intense. Some say it is sensual and romantic, but It also has relaxing qualities and is calming to the mind. It is said to be good for skincare and is widely used in body creams and lotions. Frangipani also works well in candles and room fragrances as it has a long lasting scent. 

The oil is extracted from the flowers using a solvent or cold compression and it is an absolute  quality essential oil. The tree has big, flowers and is native to warm climate countries in India, central and South America and Caribbean and is well known for its use in leis in Hawaii. There are many varieties of Plumeria tree with variety of different coloured flowers, white being the most commonly known.

Frangipani oil blends well with many other oils, we have combined it with ylang ylang and lime oils in our Decadence range. Like many other essential oils, Frangipani is an oil to avoid during pregnancy.  


Frangipani essential oil


Find the beautiful frangipani essential oil here


If you wish to find out how you can grow your own, please check

Royal Horticultural Society website

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