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Frankincense essential oil

Posted on 21 November 2017


Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense has become one of the most popular essential oils of modern day and for a very good reason. It has many benefits and a grounding protecting scent, reminding us of churches and temples. There are many uses for the essential oil, but you can also use the resin itself. The resin makes a beautiful scent when burnt on a charcoal and you can also chew the resin for healthy mouth due to its antibacterial properties.


Frankincense essential oil


Frankincense has a history of thousands of years and has been used by ancient Egyptians and others as an incense, for perfumery, medicinal uses and even in the embalming process. Frankincense was considered to be of high value and it is mentioned in Hebrew bible, Book of Exodus and New Testament. It is said to be one of the gifts presents for baby Jesus along with myrrh and gold. There are many stories attached to frankincense and it remains one of the historical scents that is still used as a resin in churches and temples worldwide.  

Frankincense essential oil is made from the resin of Boswellia tree by steam distillation. There are four species of Boswellia tree and the resin and essential oils are currently mainly produced in Oman, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Kenya, Somalia producing the resin for Roman Catholic Church. Frankincense is also used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and is known for its medicinal benefits. It is well known healer for dental and other  mouth related issues. You can chew the resin, which has a slightly soapy taste and takes some time to get used to.


Frankincense essential oil


Modern day Frankincense essential oil is widely used in skincare and perfumery. It has a slightly balsamic woody scent with fresh top notes and works well for both men and women.  Frankincense is known to be a great healer of skin problems, having anti-ageing properties, but it is also fab for digestive and respiratory issues. Frankincense blends well with many other oils, especially woody and resin oils as well as flowers and spices.  

Try adding Frankincense to your facial oils and lotions or creams for skincare. It is also fabulous for body care and cellulite so try massaging the problem areas. It can work wonders in hair and scalp care products balancing the skin. Frankincense is said to be a great tissue healer so try adding it to your treatment balms for cuts, scars and bruises. 

Due to its long history Frankincense also has calming and relaxing benefits so it is perfect to use in meditation or yoga practice or in a relaxing massage or facial treatment. It is said to be grounding and great fro anxiety and stress. Try burning the essential oil in your burner or diffuser for relaxing scent for the house.


Anuuk Aromatic Amun Ra blend with frankincense is perfect for relaxation or meditation practice


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