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Aromatherapy Infused vegetable oils

Posted on 31 October 2017


Infused oils from dry herbs and flowers


How you can make infused oils?

Infused oils are also known as macerated oils. They are widely used in the kitchen for cooking or as salad dressings. You can use the same methods to create infused oils for your face -and body care products. They are very affordable option for the use of essential oils and they can also be used as an ingredient when making your own soaps and other body care products.


Aromatherapy oils


You can create infused oils for several purposes. If you wish to create a luxurious body oil you can focus on the scent and use dry flowers. Rose petals and lavender pods work especially well. If you wish to create a treatment products, you can use herbs like calendula for soothing itching body oil or arnica for sports recovery or tired body. 


Infusing with time

The infused oils are most commonly made from dry herbs and flowers. The idea is to sit the materials in base oil so the fragrance or other properties infuse in the base oil. One method is to simply place dry herbs or flowers in an air tight glass container and cover them with your chosen vegetable oils, close tightly. You can use sunflower oil or any other blend of vegetable oils as you wish. Keep the herbs or flowers infused for one or two weeks, strain the oil and bottle for use.  

Infusing with heat

Another method is to use a double sauce pan/ boiler and heat the herbs in the oil in very low temperature for several hours. Do not let it boil. This method is recommended for harder materials like vanilla pods or cinnamon sticks. You can also use several materials in the same oil and create a blend, only your imagination sets the limits. When the oil is ready, strain and bottle for use. 


aromatherapy oils


How you can use infused oils?

Infused oils are fantastic to use in your body products or soaps. You can make body balms with them, you can add them to ready made base products or you can make soaps, bath oils, shower oils or body washes with them.  

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You can also add essential oils to the oil or mix with other oils and materials. You can use them for massage products, treatment balms, hair care products or anything that you can think of. 

Find the essential oils here


aromatherapy oils

Body oils

Some body oils, for example rose, can be quite pricy to buy,  You can make your own by first infusing the flowers to the oils and then add some essential oils to make the scent more intense if you wish. Place the oil in a beautiful bottle and it makes a fabulous gift as well. Vanilla infused oils is also amazing and delicious and by infusing you can make a natural body oil as most vanilla scented products are made with synthetic fragrances. 

Body balms 

For effective treatment balms you can infuse calendula or arnica herbs and then add essential oils like marjoram, rosemary, black pepper or lavender or other materials depending of your needs. You can use the balms directly on effected areas or in your massage treatments. How to make balms? 

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You can use the same methods to create some delicious oils for cooking. Try chilli or garlic in olive oil or experiment with some herbs like rosemary, thyme or oregano


If you wish to add essential oils to your infused oils, find them here 

Hope you enjoyed my tips! Please leave comments below or drop me an email with any suggestions or comments. I would love to Hera from you



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