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Letting Go Meditation

Posted on 18 July 2017


Letting Go Meditation Practice


Exercise for letting go of all negative feelings, stress and anxiety in your life


This exercise may seem a bit funny at first, but try it anyway. what have you got to lose? it would be great if you could do this every day, but I highly recommend you will do it at least three times a week. Do not let your mind give you any excuses of not doing it. Remember, the preparation is very important.

Before you begin make sure you will not be disturbed and switch off your mobile phone. Place some candles in the bathroom and switch off the lights if possible. you can have some calming music if you feel it is difficult to be in the silence. nothing else, no books, no radio or tv etc 




Take an hour for yourself and run a bath. When you let the water flow in the bath really set an intention in your mind you are going to have a bath to wash away all the negativity in your life and to give yourself a moment to relax. really, take your time, watch the water run and feel the certainty that this will happen. Feel how easy it is, to just take a bath and wash it all away. 

Drop some of the oils in the bath and set an intention in your mind how these oils support you in this process. really feel and smell the oils and how positive they already make you feel.

Go in the bath and feel how nice and relaxing the warm water and the smell of the oils feel. how relaxed you are and how all the worries are just simply washed in to the water. Try to watch your breath, how the air flows in and out of your body, what happens? How does your body feel? How does your skin feel? How positive and happy you already feel? How the time stands still and you feel yourself being present in this moment. Really set an intention in your mind for this. how easy it is just to take a bath and all worries will be washed away.

When you feel you are ready, get out of the bath. stand next to it and watch the water. All your negativity is there just floating on the surface and you are so clean, light and relaxed. Take a moment to set an intention in your mind how when you pull the plug all that dirt is just going down the drain, All negative things will just flow away. when you feel you are ready, pull the plug and watch the water slowly disappearing. It is all gone, you feel so relieved, happy and relaxed and ready for all the positive energy that will now has the space to come in.

It would be great if you could spend the rest of the evening just relaxing and doing nothing. listen some beautiful music if you find it challenging in being in silence and just be...   


Aromatherapy can help you with your meditation practice, Read about my favourites 

Amun Ra essential oil blend is perfect, find it here


Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!


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