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Love A Tree

Posted on 14 May 2018


This week we are celebrating trees with Love a Tree Day. There are over 60.000 types of trees around the world and they are important to us. Trees have many benefits to us, most that we never really think about. They provide us oxygen, clean the air and look after our soil. Some of them can live hundreds or even thousands of years and have seen the changes in our world. The oldest known tree is approximately 5000 years old., can you believe it?! They connect us to our history, the land and the skies. Trees give us building materials for all kinds of things, they give us protection and support our wellbeing and offer an environment for many animals. Trees have been used for heating  and building houses, boats and other things. 


Trees and forest


We simply could not live without the trees. Next time when you are in the park or forest, make sure you take a moment to hug a tree and thank them for all the amazing things they do for us.

Many of the trees have medicinal properties and you can use the berries and the fruits for food. Resin and leaves can also be used for many things. Many essential oils are made from different parts of the trees and here are some of my favourites and their properties.



One of my all time favourite trees are birch trees which are common all around the world. There are different types and in Finland birch materials have been traditionally used for hair and skincare as well as for animal care and wood care products. Birch contains natural painkilling properties and resin is often used for antibacterial products and even sweets. Read more about birch essential oils and birch tar to get inspired. 



Cypress essential oil has an amazing forest type of scent, similar to fir needle, but softer. It is made from the leaves, twigs and stems of the cypress tree. Cypress grows in southern Europe and is popular in gardens. Like most tree oils it is great for treating tired body and work well in sports recovery and massage products. It also has the antibacterial properties so is well suited for treating infections. Cypress has a fresh scent and is perfectly suitable for use in colds and coughs, blend it with eucalyptus for chest rub or room fragrance in a diffuser. Fantastic essential oil with a beautiful scent. This should definitely be one of your essential oils in your kit.


Cypress tree essential oil


I love the smell of fir tree needles and the essential oil smells like a fresh rainy forest. I find it grounding and comforting.  Fir trees are native to nordic hempsphere It is considered to be safe to use as are most of the tree oils. In Finland fir tree resin is commonly used as a natural healer in skincare products and it may even have cancer fighting properties. Read more about fir needle essential oil


eucalyptus tree essential oil


Eucalyptus essential oil is widely used in cold -and flu care products. It has a fresh and energising , fairy strong scent which is familiar to most people The essential oil is made from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree (favourite of koala bear) and is native to Australia. There are several types of eucalyptus trees which all have strong antibacterial properties. The essential oil is also often used in deodorants, room fragrances and mouth washes. It can also help with any fungal or viral infections and can also be used in haircare products. It is affordable and commonly available, so it can easily be added to treatment products. Eucalyptus is nowadays grown and used around the world and remains one of the most popular essential oils. Read more about the medicinal properties of eucalyptus in Medical News Today


Hope you enjoyed my post. What is your favourite tree? Please leave you comments below and don’t forget to share!


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