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Aromatherapy for Meditation

Posted on 30 May 2017


Aromatherapy for meditation 


There are many oils that can support your meditation practice. My favourites are usually woody or resin oils as they are grounding and not too overwhelmingly strong. Frankincense and myrrh are probably best known for this purpose as they have been used in churches and are widely used in incense sticks. There is another great oil Spikenard, which I love to blend with other resin oils. It has a deep strong scent and it always brings Egypt in my mind as it is something you can imagine ancient Egyptian temple smelled like. It definitely is one of my favourite meditation oils. I also really like cedarwood, pine, fir and other wood or needle oils. These oils connect me to the nature and helps me to ground myself. It’s like taking a little break in the forest and that connection is something we all definitely need.


Aromatherapy for meditation


You can use the oils in diffuser or atomiser. A few drops is enough as your senses tend to heighten up during meditation. You can also use some, like frankincense in resin form with charcoal disc if you want to experience the smoke as well. One great option is just to place a few drops on a tissue you can keep near by. It is not strong, but it works as a subtle aromatherapy. You can drop some essential oil on your mediation cushion if you don’t mind that it may slightly stain the fabric. You can also buy a candle with these essential oils, but just make sure they are natural oils and not synthetic to get the best therapeutic benefits. You can also make a room spray with the oils by adding just water and oils in a spray bottle. Shake before use and spray in the air at the start of meditation.


Anuuk Aromatic Amun Ra essential oil is perfect for meditation practice.

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Do you meditate? Please leave your comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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