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Music for treatments

Posted on 04 July 2017


My top tracks for treatment room


As I am asked a lot about my music in my treatment room, I thought I will do a little post about it. When choosing music for treatment room, I try to be aware that we all have our own tastes and sometimes you can get it wrong. I try to choose something relaxing with no words or if there are words I choose mantra with a language most people can not understand. I want the client to be able to relax without starting to listen to the words of the song. It should be something that blends in to the background. My meditation practice has its own affect on my choices, but most of the time the clients really like my music and do comment on it. Here are my current favourites 


Craig Pruess

I use several Craig Pruess albums in my treatment room and they are firm favourites. He is a composer and musician who collaborates with several artists and uses mantra singing in his music. The tracks are truly beautiful and get lot of comments from clients. The music is classic mantra singing with a modern take and calming sounds. These tracks are also suitable for meditation practice.

Get yours here:

Sacred Chants of Shakti

Sacred Chants of Devi


Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman music uses brain wave technology and healing sounds in his music. Some of his tracks can be an hour long flowing mantra from one to the next with no real beginning or ending. Perfectly suitable for treatment room as it creates a calm continues sound in the background. These are suitable for meditation practice or as a background music for event beginning and end. I use several tracks, but here are my current favourites

Get yours here:

Holy Harmony

Divine Name : I Am



This is a playlist I put together with several OM tracks. Some of it can be a bit space age and at first I wasn’t sure how it will go, but clients really like this list. The OM sound is said to be the universal sound where all sounds merge together. I find it fascinating and have done some meditation practice with this mantra and find it magical. Some of the tracks use brain wave technology which helps the relaxation.

Get yours here: 

OM Chanting at 432Hz

Chanting the Sacred Mantra Om - Extended Meditation On the 7 Chakras, Exploring the Inner Universe (Improvisation With Harmonies Version)

Gabriel's Trumpet (432hz) [Theta Healing Meditation]


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Let me know your thoughts below. I would love to hear from you 


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