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Room fragrances for home

Posted on 08 May 2018


There are many ways to use fragrant room scents or smell neutralisers. Most common ones are probably diffusers, room sprays and incense sticks. I remember when I was growing up potpourris were popular and many people had them in the house placed on the living room table. They look nice and you can create them easily with dry flowers, tree cones and leaves, you can also add essential oils to them to make the scent stronger. Nowadays the options are endless; you can choose a diffusers/ atomisers or reed diffusers and room sprays. The old fashion drying of the fruits and flowers is also a great option. You can hang fruit slices on a ribbon or rope across the ceiling, these will release a lovely soft scent of the fruits. You can then later use them for your potpourri or keep them for snack. Essential oils are best used in a atomiser or diffuser which releases the scent continuously to the air. Little goes a long way, but they work well as smell neutralisers. Creating different type of room fragrance options is great fun and they make lovely presents as well.     


Room fragrances for home

Living room and kitchen

Try: potpourri, candle, diffuser or burner, dry fruits or incense 

Creating a potpourri is easy.  They also make lovely gifts for new home or as a surprise. Depending of the style you are going for, you can choose a pot from clay, bamboo or stone. Place some dry herbs, flowers, cones, fruits or small tree branches or bark pieces in the bowl. You can add essential oils on the materials to make the scent stronger. Potpourri is especially popular during Christmas and brings a lovely feel to the house. Diffuser/ atomiser or burner will release continues scent in the air creating a lovely atmosphere. You can always change the scent depending in your mood as it is easy by just changing the water. You only need few drops as essential oils are quite strong.  For the kitchen try hanging fruits on a ribbon or rope. Dry them for easy snacks for later.  Fresh flowers are always lovely and bring a lovely feeling to the house. Roses are my favourite, but the flowers like lilies are also popular. They are suitable for both living room and kitchen. Burning incense creates a totally different feel and is especially suitable for evenings due to the calming effects. Burning candles are a great way to create a romantic and calming atmosphere in the space. They work fantastically for dinner parties or friendly drinks with friends. They will also leave a soft scent in the room, try to choose natural materials if possible for air quality. 


Incense room fragrance for home

Bed room

Try atomiser or reed diffuser

For safety the best room fragrance creators for the bedroom are diffusers or pillow mists/ room sprays. You don’t want to be worrying about accidents and most atomiser diffusers switch themselves off automatically after the water runs out. Pillow mist or the room spray can be used before going to bed for calming scents. Reed diffuser is also an option if the scent is calming for you. They usually last up to three months or so. You can also use incense if you prefer and burn it an hour or so before going to bed giving the smoke time to disappear. Try using calming essential oils like wood or resin oils or flower oils. Frankincense, myrrh, pine, fir or lavender work well. Rose or other flower essential oil is perfect for feminine types. 


Lavender room fragrance


Try: dry plants, reed diffuser or spray

Using dry plants in the bathroom is a great idea, they look and smell wonderful. You can hang tree branches like fir or pine in the corner of the room. You can also use eucalyptus or lavender bush which work well. The heat and steam from the shower or bath will warm up the plants releasing the scent in the air. Another option is to have a reed diffuser which releases the scent continuously. It’s good to note, that the humid air in the bathroom may increase the amount released so it may finish faster. Some people prefer using room fragrance spray which you can spray whenever you enter the bathroom.  Choose fresh scents like citrus types, herbals or trees


How to create a room spray or pillow mist?

Creating your own room spray or pillow mist is easy. Just remember that some essential oils may stain your pillow or sheets. Use a glass bottle with distilled water and atomiser spray. Add essential oils, shake a spray. There are some fragrance bases also available to buy, so you can experiment and see what works for you. Some people prefer to add some alcohol to their room spray as a preservative, but this is not necessary. Create small quantities to make sure it will stay fresh and keep in air tight bottle. 


Best smell neutraliser essential oils are:

Herbal, fresh essential oils: coriander, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus

Fresh citrus type fruit or grass scents like lemon, lime, may chang, citronella 

Hope you enjoyed my post. Which scents do you prefer to use around the house? Please leave your comments below





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