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Roses, roses, roses

Posted on 06 March 2018


Rose is said to be the queen of flowers, it’s a classic and often associated with love and passion. Different colours are said to have a different meaning and the symbol is also used in many ways. The name or the symbol is used by many companies in their advertising and it also makes a popular tattoo. It remains one of the most popular flowers  to give as a gift and has a recognisable scent, familiar to everyone.  

Rose has been grown all over the world for thousands of years for use of celebrations and for its medicinal properties. The oldest fossil is said to be 35 million years old. It was even considered to be a legal tender due to its popularity. Still today we love growing roses in our gardens and there are many varieties to choose from so we can all pick our favourite. 


Rose essential oil


Rose essential oil remains highly priced as it is made from the petals of the rose flower and you need about 1000 roses to make one millilitre of the absolute oil. Rose absolute is made by using a solvent (typically alcohol) creating a pink liquid. Rose otto, which is the true essential oil is made with a distillation process and remains highly priced. The process is challenging as the petals contain very little essential oil bringing the price higher. 

Gifts made from roses or rose essential oils are popular, but you can easily make your own. The scent of a rose is luxurious and sure to make any gift receiver happy. The scent is feminine, soft and regarded as an aphrodisiac. The essential oil is calming and said to be great for depression and anxiety. It is also considered to be great for skincare and you can often find it in all kinds of skincare products.  


Rose petals and oils

Infused oil

Infused rose oil is probably one of the cheapest ways to get a beautiful rose scent in your products. You can use the oil on its own or you can use it as part of your product creation. It is very simple to make, all you need is an airtight glass container, some vegetable oil (preferably organic) like sunflower oil or any other oil of your choice and some dry rose petals. Place the rose petals in the container with the rose petals and let sit in a warm space for a week or two. Sieve the rose petals from the oil and place the oil in a dark glass bottle. Now you can use it in your products or on its own as a body or bath oil.


Body or bath oil

To create a rose body oil you can use both infused rose oil and essential oils. Choose your favourite vegetable oils and place them in a dark glass bottle. Drop a few drops of rose Otto in the oil and shake well. Other flower oils that compliment rose are Geranium, jasmine and ylang ylang. To give the oil as a gift, choose a beautiful bottle and add some ribbon. 


Bath salts

For rose bath salts you can use your favourite vegetable oil and Himalayan or epsom salts. Add some dry rose petals for extra luxury. Blend the essential oils with the base oil first and add them to your bath salts. This makes a lovely gift when you choose a beautiful glass container to present it. Guaranteed luxury. 


Room fragrance

As the rose essential oil is highly priced, using it in a traditional room fragrance may feel like a waste. Maybe try a few drops in a atomiser for a sensual room fragrance. You only need a few drops and you can mix it with other flower essential oils.


Rose bud tea

Rose tea

Dry rose puds make a lovely tea. You can drink it on its own or you can mix it with some herbs like peppermint or even a splash of lemon. Rose has natural antioxidant properties and is good for the skin. It is also calming to the mind and has a fine soft taste. 


Rose in food

Rose is also used in food mainly in desserts. Turkish delight being probably the best known sweet. You can use grounded rose petals, rose tea or rose water in your cooking. Check out these interesting recipes for more


Hope you found my post interesting. Do you love rose? Please leave your comments below


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