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Aromatherapy balms

Posted on 26 September 2017


Easy aromatherapy treatment balms


Treatment balms are really easy to make and you can create different ones for different problems. Warming or cooling for muscle aches and pains, fresh ones for colds and coughs, hydrating for burns, cuts and bruises and anything else you can think of. In this blog post I will share three simple recipes you can easily make yourself with my instructions. They make lovely gifts as well, just add a label and a ribbon.


Treatment balms


What do you need for simple treatment balm?

You need base oil, you can use just sunflower oil or any other vegetable oils you prefer. You can also mix different oils as you wish. You can also use infused (macerated) oils which give the extra power to your balm. You can buy them ready made or easily make your own. You will also need beeswax and the essential oils of your choice. You will need 50ml of base oils and 5-10g beeswax depending how hard you would want it.



  1. Measure the base oil in a separate measuring cup and add the essential oils to iit. Mix well.
  2. Boil water in a kettle and put the hot water in a small sauce pan
  3. Measure the beeswax and place it  in a melting pot over the sauce pan. 
  4. The melting point for beeswax is low, so there is no need to boil the water more.
  5. Add the base oil blend to the beeswax, mix well and let them melt completely 
  6. Pour the mix in glass containers and let the balm cool and set


Treatment balms

Treatment balms



Muscle rub for sporty people

You can use the rub before or after sports and it will hep you with the recovery. It’s also a great little gift to give for sports enthusiasts. Store in glass containers in dark place

  • 50ml of your chosen base oil
  • 5-10g beeswax 
  • Glass containers
  • Essential oils: Rosemary 10 drops, Lavender 10 drops , Marjoram sweet 15 drops,  Black pepper 15 drops


Chest rub for colds and coughs

You can use the rub on your chest especially over night to help you breathe better and to clear the chest from colds and coughs. 

  • 50ml of your chosen base oil
  • 5-10g beeswax 
  • Glass containers
  • Essential oils: Ravensara 15 drops, Tea tree 5 drops, Thyme 5 drops, Eucalyptus globulus 10 drops


Insomniacs foot balm

Rub this balm to your feet before going to bed at night to aid more restful sleep.

  • 50ml of your chosen base oil
  • 5-10g beeswax 
  • Glass containers
  • Essential oils: Valerian 3 drops, Chamomile roman 3 drops, Bergamot 10 drops, Neroli 15-20 drops


Hope you enjoyed my instructions on creating a simple muscle rub. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me an e-mail.

Check out the essential oils and essential oil blends for your balms

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