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Why natural materials?

Posted on 05 January 2017


Why choose natural materials for your candles?


When choosing your candle, there are a few things to look out for, what is the wax material your candle is made of, what type of a wick is used and what are the fragrance materials. It is also good to check if any colourings have been used, as these may potentially be harmful. Always check the labels for material details. If there are not any, it is most likely the candle is made from synthetic materials.


The wax

The most commonly used candle wax is paraffin wax for a few reasons, it is cheap to produce, easy to get and holds the fragrance well. It is however a toxic material, when burnered releasing carcinogenic soot and other toxins to the air which leaves black residue to your furniture, curtains etc. Paraffin wax is made from petroleum as a left over from oil refining. It is then bleached and deodorised for commercial use. When burned it creates similar fumes to diesel which you then inhale in to your body. It is also environmentally unfriendly and not a renewable source.


Natural wax candles


Luckily lately many vegetable base waxes have been developed, which are non toxic and safe to use. We use pure soya wax in our candles, which is made form soya bean oil. Being eco friendly it is an environmentally friendly option, renewable and sustainable. It also has a longer burn time to paraffin wax and is a non toxic material, so safe to burn. As it is a vegetable base no animal testing is used and it is bio-degradable. Soya wax has a low melting point so it is also easy to clean by just using warm water and soap. We do not use any colourings or dyes in our candles, but some plant materials may change the colour of the wax slightly.


The wick

It is always good to check what materials have been used in the candle wick. It may seem like a small detail, but lead which is commonly used to strengthen the wick can release toxins while burning. In fact it has been banned for use in USA in 2003. There are still many candles coming from far away countries which may have the lead added. Our wicks are natural and lead free. All our candles are made in UK.


The fragrance

Most of the candles in the market use synthetic fragrances or blend of natural and synthetic materials. There are couple of reasons for this. Firstly the synthetic materials are fraction of the price of pure essential oils. The strength of the scent is also usually much stronger than natural version. Unfortunately the modern nose is not used to the natural smells anymore as we are bombarded with strong fragrances in everywhere we go. So we have come to expect everything to have a strong smell. The reality is that the natural materials are never as strong, they are delicate as are the real plant materials they come from. 


Natural wax candles


There are also many fragrances that are impossible to do naturally (mango, apple, fig to name a few) or really expensive to produce (rose, jasmine and other flowers) These are in high demand and therefor many companies use the synthetic options. The real natural essential oils however have benefits the synthetic fragrances will never have. They are safe to use, they have amazing therapeutic effects and connects us to the nature in a real way. They are environmentally friendly and non toxic. We are committed to using 100% natural essential oils and plant materials in out candles.

It is good to be aware of the materials you use in your environment as they may potentially be harmful for you and others you live with.  Whilst enjoying your candle, you inhale the materials released in to the air in to your body, which may be harmful to your health.


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