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 FINLANDIA - Natural Fragrance



To Finnish people, the nature and use of natural materials is part of normal life since childhood. It is common to have a summer cottage by the lake, somewhere near where you live. Picking your berries and mushrooms for dinner table is common practice and so is now the world famous sauna. Relaxing after a day in the forest is important and there is nothing like a hot sauna that will help you to do just that. The best sauna is heated with fire and creates an experience for all the senses. Swimming in the lake after the heat is the most refreshing thing on earth. 


Finlandia smoky natural scent, natural fragrance, luxury fragrance

 Most people have a fire place both inside and outside of their summer cottage. It is perfect for warming up and cooking food. Some also have it in their main residence in the city or town. It is common practice in Finland to cook your food outside during the summer months on an open fire or BBQ. The scent of smoke is comforting and warming and perfect especially for colder end of summer days and nights. 

Birch tar has a long history in Finland and is commonly used in skincare and hair care products. It is also used for animals and treating wooden furniture and boat surfaces. It has healing properties and for me is the scent that reminds me of my childhood and home. I wanted to create a fragrance that can transport back to the nature, near the open fire and heat. Blend of wood essential oils and birch tar is perfect. It is grounding and connects you back to the mother earth. It is also, I believe, one of the scents deeply recognised by unconscious mind as fire has been used by humans for thousands of years.     


The Story:

Finlandia smoky natural scent, natural fragrance, luxury fragrance

Inspired by the nightless summer night of the beautiful Finnish nature. You are sitting on the porch, the air is warm and fresh. There is a soft scent of the fir and pine trees and the plants in the air. The lake in front of you is deep blue and clear. There is a fireplace burning that warms you, the soft firewood blends in the air with the scent of the trees and plants around. You feel a deep connection to the nature, grounded and in peace

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