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  • Juniper leaf natural essential oil
  • Juniper leaf natural essential oil

Anuuk Aromatic

Juniper leaf essential oil

Juniper leaf essential oil | Anuuk Aromatic



Juniperus Communis

Essential oil - 10ml


Country of origin: EU

Method: Steam distillation from the leaves


The scent: Fresh forest, tree needles

Consistency: Light

Colour: clear

The use: Like other tree oils juniper leaf essential oil is great for treating aches and pains in the body. It has a fresh tree scent and makes a wonderful add to bath and shower products, as well as treatment oils and balms. It is grounding and protecting.

Please note the essential oils are highly potent plant materials and should always be used with caution. All of our essential oils are for external use only

Do not use undiluted and keep away from children. For long life store in a cool, dark, dry place


Read about the safe use of essential oils

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